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Power Down for the Planet

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Power Down for the Planet

Power Down The Planet
Power Down The Planet

You have the power to make a difference--and to win another victory for the Clark School and University of Maryland!

Starting March 23, 2009, you can go to the Power Down for the Planet web site to pledge to save electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adopting power-efficient computing.

Your pledge means you agree to:

  • Utilize power management features on the computers you use on campus
  • Look for ENERGY STAR-qualified PCs and laptops when purchasing new equipment.

Your pledge, along with those of other Power Down participants, will make you part of a larger initiative called Climate Savers Computing. That initiative seeks to reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 54 million tons by 2010 through reducing the energy consumption of computers.

And, your pledge will be tallied with all the others from the Clark School and the university, so that we can compete for bragging rights as the most energy-efficient among all universities.

Who better than the Clark School to lead this challenge?

We're counting on you! Take the pledge today, and encourage all of your Clark School and university classmates and colleagues to take it, too. It's easy, it's good for the planet, and it shows everyone that the Clark School cares.

Are you especially committed to reducing energy consumption? Then you may want to participate in the Power Down the Planet Video Challenge, and possibly win a prize.

Visit The Website | Take the Pledge | Video Contest

© 2009 Climate Savers Computing.

March 23, 2009

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