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Several of our faculty members have agreed to let us share a sample of their courses for demonstration purposes. Examples of some of the courses we have recorded with Media Site are listed below and there are also quick-links to the right.

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Green Screen DemoGreen Screen Demo
Instructor: Jim Milke
Fires impact people, property and the environment in all countries around the world. In some cases, the resulting losses are extraordinary, causing hundreds of deaths, widespread damage to property and contents and significantly impacting the environment. This short segment defines the field of Fire Protection Engineering. View Demo.

enme707ENME 707  
Instructor: Michael Zachariah
This course covers thermochemistry and chemical kinetics of reacting flows in depth. In particular, it focuses on the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels in both a phenomenological and mechanistic approach. The course covers the specifics of premixed and nonpremixed flame systems, as well as ignition and extinction. Combustion modeling with equilibrium and chemical kinetics methods will be addressed. Environmental impact and emissions minimization will be covered in detail. Finally, the course will cover available combustion diagnostic methods and their application in laboratory and real-world systems. View Demo.

Instructor:  Jeffrey Herrmann
The fundamental theory of systems risk modeling, methods for vulnerability identification, risk scenario development, and probability assessment are presented in this course. Also covered are methods for risk results presentation, and several example applications. View Demo.

Instructor:  Robert Sanders
This course includes fundamental aspects of nuclear physics and nuclear engineering, including nuclear interactions; various types of radiation and their effects on materials and humans; and basic reactor physics topics, including simplified theory of reactor critically. View Demo.

Instructor:  Philip Bryan
This course reviews the structural and energetic principles that govern biological phenomenon and applies these principles to protein design.  It teaches basic information about biological hosts and recombi¬nant techniques needed to produce engineered proteins.  It illustrates these principles with protein engineering experiments from the litera¬ture and applies this knowledge to design new proteins. View Demo.

Instructor:  Mohammad Modarres
This course includes models for life testing at constant stress; graphical and analytical methods; test plans for accelerated testing; competing failure modes and size effects; models and data analyses for step and time varying stresses; and optimizing of test plans. View Demo.

Instructor:  C. Ravishankar
This course includes axioms of probability; conditional probability and Bayes' rule; random variables, probability distributions and densities; functions of random variables; definition of stochastic process; stationary processes, correlation functions, and power spectral densities; stochastic processes and linear systems; estimation and optimum filtering. Applications in communication and control systems, signal processing, and detection and estimation. View Demo.

BIOE689ACampus Visualization Partnership Lecture Series
Lecturer:  Katy Börner
The goal of the lecture series is to promote awareness of both campus activities related to visualization and new visual analytic technologies.  This series features well-known presenters with established track records. View Demo.