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How to subscribe to your class' Podcast feed

Distance Education Technology and Services (DETS) offers Podcast feeds for your classes when requested. When you
subscribe to a Podcast, content (presentations) will automatically be delivered to your client without the
need to visit the class website.
To subscribe to the feed using iTunes, copy the Podcast feed link for your class to the clipboard (located on
your class Canvas page).
Then, in iTunes, on the menu bar at the top of the application, click “File,” then “Subscribe to
A new window will appear. In this window, paste the URL you copied from the class Canvas page.
After clicking “OK”, iTunes will begin to download all content until you client (iTunes) is up to date with
the presentation material. You can then listen to the Podcast using your iPod. The Podcast will keep
your device current with the lectures.
If you have problems or need assistance, please email DETS support at dets‐